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To provide a world standard of excellence in the provision of a community-based fire and emergency service. To protect the community and our environment we will minimise the impact of fire and other emergencies by providing the highest standards of training, community education, prevention and operational capability.

Our values

  • Mutual respect

  • Adaptability and resourcefulness

  • One team, many players, one purpose

  • Integrity and trust

  • Support, friendship, camaraderie

  • Community and environment

  • Knowledge and learning.

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The Brigade

The Northern Beaches Cadet Rural Fire Brigade is a youth development organisation for teenagers who are interested in doing something different, rewarding, challenging and interesting in their spare time, and for those who may be looking towards a career in the NSW Rural Fire Service as a volunteer or staff member, or any other area of the Emergency Services.

The Northern Beaches Cadet Rural Fire Brigade introduces members to the fundamentals of firefighting and emergency response, builds a team ethic and instils the importance of following procedures to ensure safety and effectiveness. Training is conducted in line with the national Public Safety Training Package and assessed in accordance with national units of competency. 

Training and activities are all fully supervised and designed to be fun, whilst providing members with often new and unique experiences, whilst getting to know their fellow members and instructors better. 

Some examples include: 

·       Basic firefighting safety 

·       Fire behaviour 

·       Firefighting equipment 

·       Basic radio communications 

·       First aid 

·       Navigation 

·       Leadership and teamwork 

·       Visits to and from kindred emergency services

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The Cadet Brigade trains with real firefighting, other emergency equipment and appliances and are introduced to the actual equipment firefighters use every day. We instil in our Cadets a sense of the importance of ensuring equipment is used safely and correctly, and that they are appropriately maintained. 
While Cadet Brigade members are full members of the NSW Rural Fire Service, at no time will they be directly involved in firefighting or any other emergency response. However, Cadets are able to volunteer to assist with logistics and other support efforts away from the location of the incident. Only RFS members 16 years of age or older, who are members of firefighting brigades and suitably qualified will engage in any emergency activities.

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The Northern Beaches Cadet Rural Fire Brigade is registered to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme. Several of our Instructors are accredited to administer the award participation to Cadets who may be completing the award with their school or other organisations. Our training and activities compliment those being undertaken by Cadets elsewhere.


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